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  Consulting and representative service on  Ukrainian technical regulations. 

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Conformity assessment in the EAEU - Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan). 

Normacon, LLC (branch of Normacon-Ukraine, LLC) which is registered in Russia provides the service of the local representative for the purpose:
- approval in Russia for telecommunication and RF equipment. The necessary documents are FAC declarations or certificates;
- approval in EAEU - Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia).  EAEU  is the next stage of the former Custom Union. The necessary documents are the declarations or certificates with the conformity of the Technical Regulations, for example, EMC and safety of LVE.

Here you can find some important statements which help to understand the special features of the conformity assessment in EAEU (and in Russia).

- The applicant as for the certification as for the declaration may be the resident of the EAEU only!

- The certification bodies and the laboratories may be accredited if they are the residents of the EAEU.

- If there are changes in the Technical Regulation, then the declaration is not changed. The declarant must collect the new evidences of the conformity of the  product. The certificate must be reissued if the changes have an influcence at the parameters of the certificate.

- The term of the certificate cannot be bigger that 5 years. The inspection checkup of the certification body is provided every year, the price of it cannot be more than 70% of the price of the certificate.

- The term of the keeping of the declaration is 10 years after end of the producing (import).

- All Technical Regulations have no international standards except the standards of the countries-members of EAEU.

- There are several signs for marking of the product, 2 main signs are below:

1) sign of circulation at the market of EAEU; 

Картинки по запросу знак обращения на рынке еас

2) sign of conformity of Russia (it is used during voluntary certification)

Картинки по запросу знак соответствия добровольной сертификации ГОСТ Р

- The certification bodies must fulfill all requirements extremely strictly, because the penalties are great - till 500 000 RUR (about 9 000 USD).

- The registration of the declarations in accordance with the rules may be fulfilled without the certification bodies. But now there is no a technical possibility for it yet.

- Voluntary certificate may be used for the obligatory declaration, but it cannot be used instead of the obligatory certificate.

- The difference in registration of the FAC and EAEU declarations: FAC declaration is submitted in 2 paper copies to the authority and then it is registered there. EAEU decaration is registered in the apropriate electronic database and then it can be printed only with the necessary attributes.

- Upon the issuing of the declaration or certificate in the electronic databases their changing is impossible. The alone way to change is to cancel the previous variant and then to issue a new one.


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