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  Consulting and representative service on  Ukrainian technical regulations. 

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Normacon-Ukraine, LLC, Melitopol, Ukraine, is the company which provides the  technical consulting and representative services for product conformity assessment in the Ukraine and EAEU (former Custom Union): declaration and certification. You may with us:
- to complete the declaration of conformity with the regulations;
- to have the local representative for foreign manufacturers to hold the original of the declaration and the technical documentation here as our laws require so;
- to receive different certificates of conformity as obligatory systems as voluntary systems: UkrSEPRO, hygienic, own bodies's systems, Chamber of Commerce and Undustry and so on;
 to receive different consultations in this field.
NB. For the conformity assessment in EAEU and in Russia see  

Our mission -

to provide the best service of the conformity assessment of the different product, to help manufacturers to place their product at the markets with the most quick and cheap way.
According to the mission our main principles of the work are:
- we always give the TRUTH information in accordance with the current legislation;
- we suggest the most SIMPLE, quick and cheap way of the conformity assessment which is allowed with the legislation;
- we do NOT suggest EXCESS procedures and excess documents for the conformity assessment to our customers;
- we try to find the CHEAPEST price by means of the negotiations with the Ukrainian conformity assessment bodies and the laboratories;
- we use the QUALIFIED personnel and partners for the every special project;
- we answer IMMEDIATELY upon achieving of the required information;
- we provide the FREE consulting on any questions in the sphere of the conformity assessment;
- we try to help to our customers with the answering at ALL questions even if they are some out of the scope of our activity.
The base services in the role of the local representative of the foreign manufacturer:

- to submit the application at the chosen conformance assessment body for registration of the declaration of product conformance;

- to complete and to sign  the declaration of conformity;

- to keep the declarations of conformity and/or the certificates of conformity, other technical documentation which verifies the conformity with the appropriate technical regulations during the specified period of utilization of the product, and to give this information to the bodies of market surveillance on their request

The additional services in the role of the local representative of the foreign manufacturer:

- to label the product by the national sign of conformity;

- to inform the customers of the product by the necessary information for risk estimate which is connected with the product, to make arrangements for the prevention of this risk;

- to exclude from sale the product if it does not conform to the requirements of the appropriate technical regulations;

- to compensate damages to the customers of the product if its non-conformity to the requirements of technical regulations mentioned in the declaration of conformity and/or the certificates of conformity is  proved

- and other required actions...


1) The devices which were approved with the Technical Regulations, i.e. they have the declarationss of conformity, must be imported in Ukraine with the marking of the national sign of conformity-  it is trefoil  in semicircle. The sign is obligatory. Also, in some cases the sign must be accompanied with the number of the body. The number is obligatory too.
The lack as the sign as the number is a rough violence as if the approval was not made at all.


2)  Every wireless product which was approved in Ukraine, must be included into the Register of the RF devices of Ukraine.
Earlier, this including might be made on the basis of the declarations, and on the basis of the application for including (this
is not the application for the certification), which were signed by the foreign manufacturer.
Now, from October 24, 2014, this including must be made on the basis of all of these documents signed by the Ukrainian company.
Mostly this is a local representative which can sign the declarations due to the authorization letter from the foreign manufacturer.
Also, now the certification bodies cannot include the product into the Register too. Because this including may be made now by the signee
of the declaration or importer only.
 Our company have been signed the declarations in most cases during our activity as the local representative for the different manufacturers. Because we suggest this procedure always, and we advised to do just so. And we included the wireless products into the Register too.
So, our clients for whom we provided the full set of the approval service did not see any changes.
But other clients, which demanded that the declarations were signed by the foreign manufacturer, and cooperated with the certification bodies, saw this problem. 
Thus, if the manufacturer has a local representative in Ukraine, this representative must sign the declarations and include the wireless
devices into the Register of RF devices. If the manufacturer has no it, then we can provide this service.



The Customs issued the letter to its units that now TR RTTE is obligatory.
The Customs will check the declaration of confomity for this TR and the
marking of the sign of conformity during the import.
Although the new version of TR RTTE (there is the date of the obligatory use
from October 01, 2013) will be issued soon we have no exact date when it is
Thus if the import is planned in near future then the declaration is
required even if there is the UkrSEPRO certificate

Cancellation of the registration of the declaration

This law is in force from November 03, 2012. Now the declaration is issued and signed by the manufacturer himself. The CAB is engaged for some procedures of the conformity assessment.


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